Children and Youth Respite Home

Service Description

The Children’s Respite Home is contracted by the Ministry for Children and Families – Children and Youth with Special Needs, to assist children and youth living with developmental disabilities and their families by providing respite for them. The families can leave their children for a set period of time, decided upon by the social worker and family and feel assured that their social, emotional and basic needs are met by attentive, dedicated and trained staff.  The children’s time at Respite compliments their home lives.

While at Respite, the children attend community events and participate in activities that they enjoy.   The family, child and staff have input into goals that the children will work on while at the Respite Home.  Goals are identified in individual care plans and monthly reports, where they are monitored.  Service is offered to children up to eighteen years of age, who are referred by Children & Youth with Special Needs and Ministry for Children and Families. 

Respite is staffed twenty-four hours a day seven days per week by regular staff. The staffing ratio is three children to one staff, although some children require one on one support.  It is decided by a social worker who is eligible for one on one support. 

Staff have specialized training in order to meet the complex health needs of various children who access the service.

To participate in this service, a person must be eighteen years or younger, is offered to children up to eighteen years of age, have an identified developmental disability and be referred by the MCFD and Children & Youth with Special Needs