EmployAbilities (Supported Employment)

TDCSS knows that having a job is one of the most important ways that people can become full, contributing members of the community. The primary goal of EmployAbilities is to assist people with developmental disabilities to achieve and maintain successful employment outcomes.

By encouraging person-centered planning, EmployAbilities focuses on recognizing and supporting individuals in their employment goals. The program offers employment training including industry specific skill development, teaching self-confidence for participants, as well as direct communication with employers and on-site employment supports for those within EmployAbilities.

Each person’s journey with EmployAbilities is different, meaning that the approach for each employment goal can vary. Whereas some may only need support creating and distributing resumes, others may need long-term and in-depth supports varying from learning independence to establishing support networks at work

Eligible recipients of this service must have an identified developmental disability, be at least nineteen years of age and be referred to TDCSS through CLBC. This service is delivered by staff at TDCSS’ facilities located at 3219 Eby St, Terrace BC, V8G 4R3.