TDCSS Homeshare Services

TDCSS Homeshare Services are provided through referrals from Community Living BC (CLBC). TDCSS partners with families and individuals that want to share their home and lives.

In most situations, home sharing involves very close relationships. The individuals within the home share not only their physical space, but also their lives. The members of the home spend a lot of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the home sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships. Members of the home generally go their own ways and come together at specific times or for specific purposes.

People who are interested in sharing their home undergo a home study process, which includes interviews, a home safety study, a clear criminal record check, and reference checks. Homeshare providers are also required to maintain a first aid certificate, and Personal Optional Protection Insurance through Work Safe BC.

Home Share providers will have an unique opportunity to support individuals to meet their needs, goals and dreams.

Eligible criteria for this program includes:

1)  recipients of this service must have an identified developmental disability,

2) be at least nineteen years of age,

3) and be referred to TDCSS through CLBC.

TDCSS’ main office  is located at 3219 Eby St, Terrace BC, V8G 4R3.