Administrative Assistant (9 week Summer Job)

Posted 1 week ago

Job Description

Reference Number: 123-44

Position: Event Planner (9 week Summer Job)

Department: Finance

Job Summary

TDCSS fosters an environment of continuous learning and a work culture of professionalism. TDCSS is seeking an Administrative Assistant to work in the Finance department this summer. The Assistant will work closely with our Finance team with administrative tasks of limited scope and responsibility.

The Assistant will help coordinate projects, handle requests from supervisors and other team members within the organization. In addition, the Assistant will assist with digitizing and storage of data and documents under the supervision of the Finance Director.

The Administrative Assistant will:

  • Participate in strategic planning and goal setting for projects with our team.
  • Seek ways to improve administrative processes, and provide these recommendations to the administrative team.
  • Have experience with MS Office, Excel and Word or Google Docs.
  • Have excellent organizational abilities and attention to detail is an asset.
  • Take initiative on tasks and the ability to seek supervision/direction when required is ideal.
  • The ability to work virtually if required due to Covid-19 restrictions (necessary equipment will be supplied).
  • Assist in day-to-day activities of the accounting department and will learn how to process paper documents in a paperless environment.
  • Will digitize records that are currently in paper form into a digital format and name and file these documents according to a naming convention and within a platform developed by the organization.

Must be between 19 and 29 year old to apply as per the criteria of the summer jobs grant

Supervision: For the duration of the project, the participant will have a start of day check-in with the admin team to review the strategic plan and tasks to be completed for the day. The team will have an end-of-day check-in to discuss daily progress, participant feedback and to establish next steps toward overall objectives. The supervisor will be available to the participant throughout the day, along with buddies in the accounting team.

Teamwork – Teamwork refers to the skills needed to interact with other people. At work, people work with others in pairs and in small and large groups to coordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solve conflicts and complete other activities that involve teamwork.

Communication – Communication refers to the skills needed to exchange thoughts and information with other people. This exchange can happen orally by speaking, listening and using non-verbal cues, such as body language or in writing.

Leadership – Leadership refers to a number of skills, including communication, relationship building, and the ability to delegate and traits such as honesty. At work, leadership skills are required when working in a team, demonstrating initiative, and taking responsibility for the completion of tasks that require multiple employees.

Hours             35-40 hours per week FULL-TIME (Totalling 9 weeks of Summer Work)

Shifts              Shifts are predominately Monday to Friday.

Salary:        $18/hr

Start Date       ASAP

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