Cultural Wellness Worker

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Job Title: Cultural Wellness Worker

Program: Foundry Terrace

Classification/Benchmark match: Non-Union

Reports to: The Associate Director of Specialized Services

Job Summary:

Under the direction of Associate Director for Specialized Services, the Terrace Foundry Cultural Wellness Worker will provide culturally relevant activities, outreach and support to Indigenous youth at its Terrace Foundry location. The Cultural Wellness Worker may be responsible for a wide range of programming and cultural support that provides opportunities for youth to connect to culture through the sharing of art, storytelling, language and other cultural protocols and practices. 

This position is primarily responsible for guiding and engaging youth in cultural activities promoting cultural learning and spiritual healing in a supportive and ethical manner. 

This position coordinates and supports all aspects of cultural knowledge transfer and planning within the Terrace Foundry site. The Cultural Wellness Worker provides traditional teachings and ceremonies in a safe and acceptable environment and also coordinates access to Elders and Traditional peoples to meet the needs of the Terrace Foundry community, with youth as the primary audience. The Cultural Wellness Worker will also work to promote cultural awareness, safety and competency within the Terrace Foundry site while promoting healing and reconciliation.

Key Responsibilities


  • Assist in creating and maintaining an environment of safety and wellness in the Community Wellness program and adjunct/additional Foundry program areas.
  • Acquire, maintain and care for educational resources, books, art and digital resources.
  • Will need to exercise sound judgement in dealing with vulnerable youth.
  • Liaises with Foundry’s management and coordinates with the Local Advisory Council.
  • Assists Foundry staff with developing culturally appropriate content related to youth programs etc.
  • Work within the Terrace Foundry site to promote cultural competency and awareness
  • Creates, updates and maintains a calendar of relevant activities and coordinates the involvement of other Foundry team members as required.
  • Quarterly reporting as required
  • Participation in Evaluation activities as required
  • Other administrative duties as required by the Terrace Foundry site

Mentorship and guidance:

  • The Cultural Wellness Worker will act as a mentor and role model while working with youth of various backgrounds.
  • Facilitates talking, teaching and healing relating to cultural protocols and practices.
  • Must be able to provide an Indigenous cultural perspective to the Terrace Foundry team, to clients accessing services, and at times to the organization.
  • To facilitate increased access to and safe transmission of culture and cultural knowledge
  • Coordinate land-based activities, e.g. fishing, trapping etc.
  • Provide space and opportunities for traditional arts & crafting
  • Support the planning of traditional dancing, singing, drumming, community and/or seasonal celebrations/feasts, traditional and social events
  • providing daily culturally-based activities within the context of treatment;
  • Provide direct traditional-based guidance

Community Connections:

  • Work with community partners in support of the development of work plans and programs that support Indigenous youth within community and in connecting with traditional community and practices.
  • Coordinate culture/social nights and community feasts, Elder socials and Elder/senior appreciation activities and Elder/youth knowledge exchange /mentorship activities.
  • Organizes cultural celebrations and workshops for Foundry clients and youth, as required.
  • Provides opportunities for youth to engage in traditional language and cultural practice learning and facilitate interactions with cultural leaders and Elders from the community.
  • Possesses knowledge and experience in establishing traditional and non-traditional networks of support and community resources and services.
  • Facilitate talking, teaching and healing practices, with a priority to services and supports for Indigenous youth
  • Ensures the cultural needs of youth/families are met by actively providing culturally-based activities within the context of client support and treatment
  • Connect with Elders and/or traditional resource people to conduct ceremonies as appropriate to the geographic areas and customs

Technical and Behavioral Competencies

  • Behave in a manner that serves as an example of positive cultural values, attitudes, beliefs and actions
  • Remain current and implement wise practices in service provision from a culture-based platform
  • Quality assurance systems are adhered to, implemented and maintained and measure the impacts and outcomes of cultural supports to urban Aboriginal children, youth and families
  • Participation in relevant training and professional development activities in accordance with the Terrace Foundry site’s objectives and within budgetary constraints
  • Networking is done to ensure a well-maintained list of credible Elders and traditional knowledge keepers is available for the purposes of ceremonial and traditional healing supports for urban Indigenous children, youth and families.

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent listening and problem-solving skills.
  • High standards of ethics and confidentiality to handle sensitive information.
  • Strong knowledge and awareness of Indigenous culture and history, particularly pertaining to the legacy of residential schools in Canada, with an understanding of the impact of inter-generational trauma, violence, Indigenous youth engagement and community outreach
  • Strong organizational skills with proven experience managing work flow
  • Skilled user in various software applications, i.e. Word, Excel, MS Outlook, Teams and any other work-related software.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to exercise good judgement, show initiative and be proactive.
  • Ability to work in conflict situations and diffuse tensions, conflict or interpersonal issues calmly.
  • Regular reporting as required (quarterly).

Education and Qualification:

  • Preferred: Post-secondary education in Indigenous studies and/or combination of an equivalent and relevant education
  • Preferred: Minimum of six years of demonstrated and related work experience within an Indigenous organization or community
  • Experience working with Indigenous youth and a solid understanding of regional Indigenous culture, traditions and history.
  • Understanding of the interconnectedness of Indigenous nations across the northwest, understanding that youth from many different backgrounds may access services at Foundry. 
  • Current and valid BC Driver’s license.
  • Knowledge and experience working with rural Indigenous youth and families in a healing and reconciliation capacity
  • Must undertake a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check

Hours             35-40 hours per week FULL-TIME (35 hours on average)

Shifts              Shifts are predominately Monday to Friday (time of day to be determined), however, there may be evening and weekend activities requiring support by the Cultural Wellness Worker. Must be willing to be flexible.

Salary:        $21/hr starting

Start Date       ASAP

End Date        n/a – Permanent

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