Photo from left to right: Christian Mundhenk from Progressive Ventures, Hatha Callis from Progressive Ventures, Michael McFetridge from TDCSS

We at TDCSS are very pleased to be working on the Cedars Housing project.  Cedars Housing, when completed, will be a 22 unit single occupancy residential facility for low income individuals within our community.  Slated to open by March of 2018, Cedars will provide a safe and warm environment for many individuals who are finding it challenging to secure other residential options.  This is a high value program for the city of Terrace, and we are very pleased to be partnering with BC Housing in order to make this happen.  More information on the Cedars Housing project will come over the next few months, including detailed information on the supports associated with residency at Cedars, and the process to access this housing option.