TYES: Terrace Youth Engagement Strategy

In 2015 Chevron partnered with the Terrace District Community Social Services (TDCSS) on a safe-haven for “at-risk” youth dubbed by both partners as the “little project that could”. Chevron’s social investment has funded staffing for the program as well the funds to launch the centre’s popular “movie night” including a TV, one year Netflix membership and popcorn.


The Youth Engagement Strategy that Chevron Kitimat LNG funds has created many more opportunities than just a safe, warm place to go when there may not be other options. When youth come to the centre, they are also connecting with staff who can share information about the social service programs that are available for them at TDCSS and in the community. Youth who may otherwise not have had contact with support services are being connected with services that can put them on the path from at-risk to being supported.”


On average 25 youth attend the centre each day and take part in drop-in activities, have something to eat, access emergency supplies and personal care products. The social investment program from Kitimat LNG has a strong focus on promoting health and wellness in communities near where we operate with tools to help members, especially youth, achieve healthy lifestyles.

TYES has partnered with various professionals in the community offering the opportunity for youth to connect and spend time with professionals, giving positive role modeling and connections. One example is the Terrace Fire Fighters, bringing the fire engine over, taking time to engage with the youth, talk about the truck and spend time letting the youth explore and engage with them in a very informal and casual way.

The TYES program is in the midst of growing through a development plan that will include moving to a larger facility, and partnering with additional agencies in the community in order to increase the level of programming available to youth.